10 Minutes with... Joe Reddington

1. Describe OpenLab in one word.


2. What does inclusive innovation mean to you?

It’s a term with a tension - it’s hard for things to be inclusive unless you know what all the effects are, and it’s pretty hard to do something very new and know how it’s going to pan out.  For me the way you solve this is transparency - the more that you share what you are doing, the more people will be able to see how it affects them and guide you.

3. Why do you think accessibility for disabled people is an important issue?

The best reason is: because it’s the right thing to do and NO society that I’m part of is leaving people behind.  The worst reason is: everyone on the planet is either disabled, or not-disabled-yet.  The interesting thing is it’s the worst reason that gets people to buy in.

4. Where do you think the next big opportunity is for the development of inclusive technology?

I think that’s the wrong place to start - I think the biggest changes in inclusive technology in the last two years are Uber and JustEat. I think the biggest things before that were Amazon delivery and working from home finally *working*. My belief is that if you want to change the world for disabled people, you change the world for everybody and leave enough openness in your system that people like me can make them even more accessible. 

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