Realising The Power of Inclusive Design.

Imo at Think. Plan. Thrive. discusses work with Blue Badge Style on the ADDITION collection. 

Over the past months we have had the privilege of working with the team behind the inclusively designed ADDITION Collection from Blue Badge StyleWe are delighted to announce that the collection’s first product, DRINK, has been awarded a second round of investment from the Design Council ‘Spark’ program, to take the product to market.

Think Plan Thrive and Fiona Jarvis Spark.gif

We have seen time and time again that inclusive design drives better products and services for everyone. The ADDITION Collection is here to showcase this — leading by example. The brand is committed to making form and function work in perfect harmony, with a core belief that useful should be beautiful too.

Think Plan Thrive and Fiona Jarvis Drink 1.png

DRINK’s design was inspired by Blue Badge Style founder Fiona Jarvis’ frustrations being a wheelchair user at drinks parties — often having to chose between her prosecco and her freedom to exit a dull conversation. . . But the product is by no means just for wheelchair users: deck chair, buggy or wheelchair, DRINK is an elegant solution for people who simply have their hands full. It’s clever design attaches to practically anything and holds a glass of almost any shape or size.

Drink 2.png
Drink 3.png

We have been working with Fiona and her team to build a brand and strategy for the business that will scale and grow with their product offering, engaging with customers long-term.

All our strategy and design work has been approached with inclusivity and accessibility as a given. Our aim, from visual branding to packaging design, in line with Fiona’s, has been to empower effortless independence for anyone who needs to keep their hands free, whatever their context.

We’re very much looking forward to the next stage of the journey — congratulations Fiona and thank you for bringing us on board! Exciting!


Jasmin Khanom