Member Blog: Gavin Neate

Gavin Neate introduces the new 'Welcome' App.

The idea for 'Welcome' came from years of watching my disabled clients repeatedly being challenged in their interactions at multi-sector venues.  I became increasingly aware that the difficulties faced were not wholly experienced by the disabled visitor but equally by the customer service representative who was unsure on how they should interact with their customer.  This poor interaction was identified in a recent Scope campaign called "End the Awkward" in which Scope highlighted that many service team members just didn't have the skills and training to provide acceptable service.  This has resulted in a 75% dissatisfaction rate in this sector, with many disabled visitors leaving the venue early and taking their custom elsewhere.  

I was very aware of this 'awkwardness' through my professional career and realised that it was predominantly attributable to the initial meeting between client and service personnel.  

'Welcome' addresses this with a web-based service platform utilising three points of contact including initial set up, geofencing, at a set distance from a venue and Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology on arrival.  We provide the service team with an aid memoir of interaction in the form of five top tips, provided to us by top charities such as RNIB, Scope and Action on Hearing Loss, and then specific information as to needs on that day, submitted during set up by the visitor.  

'Welcome' launched on the 27th July with RBS, Hilton Hotel, Atos, Edinburgh Airport, The Falkirk Wheel, Forth Valley Sensory Centre, Edinburgh University, Scottish Govt, RNIB HQ and many others. 

It is downloadable for free now on both Google Play and iTunes.

Jasmin Khanom