Member Blog: Fiona Jarvis

Fiona Jarvis Introduces Blue Badge Style (BBS) – ‘a movement re-defining disability with style’.

BBS is a unique social network which includes the person with the disability, their friends and family. We want to encourage disabled people to go out and ‘enjoy life’ by providing information on what to do, where to go and what to buy, whatever the disability, whatever the style.

We do this through the BBS Website & our App

Both locate cool places to go and rate them on style, access and facilities so at a glance you can decide to visit or not. Covering UK & Europe we’ve rated and reviewed over 1000 places.

The App allows users to drop a pin and send their own reviews on places that are not yet listed and it also shows a view of the surrounding streets. We tell you all you need to know for a Stylish, Accessible & Enjoyable Night Out.


The ratings are out of 3 BBS Ticks – like a Michelin Star – and like Michelin we encourage the adoption of accessible environments through our BBS Awards. They are held annually and reward venues with both ‘exceptional style and accessibility’. Last year’s winners include The Bank of England, The Beaumont Hotel and The German Gymnasium. The most hotly contested award is for best Accessible Loo!

The website also has a wealth of information on stylish equipment, advances in design, accessible sports and latest news regarding disability issues. It includes our latest venture the BBS Shop, selling our ADDITION Collection of accessories designed with the Design Council SPARK programme. They create ‘effortless independence for anyone who has their hands full’ and the first is DRINK, an inclusive glass holder that attaches to almost anything – wheelchair, deckchair or buggy – and fits many glass/cup sizes. We will also be selling ‘things we like’ including the latest stylish or cool equipment to paintings to home furnishings etc.

We also produce BBS Galleries ( that are online access brochures - which follow the journey through a venue for people with multiple disabilities, offering them a good understanding of what to expect when visiting. They also show how venues can improve their accessibility and acts as a permanent training resource for staff.

Depicted in high quality photographs or virtual reality the brochures treat people with disabilities as customers rather than health and safety issues. Venues can create their own galleries in a matter of hours by producing photographs under guidance from our experts and through a ‘pick and mix’ process of common accessibility features. All public buildings/venues should and will adopt them. They won the 2014 EIB Social Innovation Prize for the Urban Environment.

 BBS Gallery at South Place Hotel

BBS Gallery at South Place Hotel

We are the Vogue/Michelin guide for the world of disability promoting ‘effortless and elegant independence’.

Jasmin Khanom