Member Blog: Mark McCusker, Texthelp

The Power Of Assistive Support Technology: For All

Mark McCusker, CEO from Texthelp, encourages organisations to think about their workforce, and provide the necessary support for all staff, not just those with hidden literacy disabilities. 


Work is where many of us spend a big chunk of our lives. It can be a happy, productive environment where great things happen, however, in a lot of cases - stresses, strains and challenges appear daily for employees. 

‘Diversity’ comes in many forms. Ten per cent of the population experiences some form of dyslexia. Meanwhile, there are increasing numbers of employees across all industries who speak English as a second or even third language.

We also can’t forget that we are living in a digital world which also transcends to the workplace. Technology helps us work smarter, faster and more efficiently. But with the explosion of so many digital devices, further challenges can arise for some employees. 

Sitting in front of a computer for long hours can be a frequent source of eye-strain and headaches. These challenges can lead to individuals potentially struggling in silence. 

Investing in your staff is a smart move.

Recent research suggests that having assisted digital support in the workplace can mean up to a 30% drop in sickness absence. 

It has also been reported that it can present less eye-strain and headaches amongst employees.  

So providing the right tools to help people maximise their potential is a win/win for employers and staff alike.

Tasks such as replying to an email, reading complex information and working on a lot of excel spreadsheets can become much less of a challenge for your employees. 

We Believe.

At Texthelp we’ve been giving people a literacy and language boost in all walks of life for more than twenty years. And today we help organisations to support their employees with the latest on-screen tools to empower everyone to work in their preferred style. 

Read&Write is a powerful productivity tool to suit everyone’s workstyle. It’s easy to implement right across your organisation, integrating seamlessly with all the apps you already use. It plays nicely on computers and tablets, so employees can use it in the office, at home or on the move. 

Let’s imagine a digital workplace where every employee has access to digital support tools, letting them access and process information in the way that suits them. And let’s imagine a workplace where every employee is supported and understood, free from the fear of being labelled ‘different’ from their peers.

If you would like more information about assistive technology and how we can help, visit our website.


Jasmin Khanom