Member Blog: Rob Trent

Rob Trent Introduces AccessAdvisr

As a wheelchair user I have often come across misleading advice regarding accessibility. On many occasions the reality differs greatly from the description. Ramps are more like ski slopes, and access to a building is usually past the cleaning equipment, through the kitchen and into the service lift.

Accessibility challenges are equally a problem for people with other disabilities.

Out of that frustration AccessAdvisr was born.

I wanted something for users who face the same challenges as me (and that could include parents with prams and cyclists, but primarily disabled people).

Our AccessAdvisr website ( allows disabled people and those with mobility challenges to rate and find first-hand accessibility information. Our ‘Browse’ feature allows users to find any of our reviews anywhere in the world. Photographs can also be added to reviews.

AccessAdvisr also has a sister site spreading the accessibility word for Australia at

But we’re more than just a website! We’re a community.

We have a LinkedIn Company page here

We have helpful accessibility videos on our YouTube channel:

We also have a growing Facebook community ( where we talk about all things accessibility related.

You can follow @accessadvisr on Twitter too.

Since inception, the reviews continue to grow and include restaurants, football stadiums, hotels, leisure venues and pubs. Here are some examples of AccessAdvisr ratings:

The Shard, London:

Lower Sabie accessible safaris, Africa:

National Sports Centre for Disabled People, Colorado:


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