10 Minutes With... Antony Ruck

1.         Describe Assistive Technology in one word.


2.         What does inclusive innovation mean to you? 

It just makes sense to me. Developing new products and resources is always an exciting thing to do (along with being challenging, frustrating, and exhausting!) and ultimately it’s the adoption of that innovation that is the most rewarding part. So why exclude such a large proportion of your market, when it can be simplicity itself to make it inclusive? The best time to make something accessible is at the point of creation - so much easier, simpler, neater and effective than an afterthought.

3.         Why do you think accessibility for disabled people is an important issue?

Accessibility affects us all, either directly or indirectly, short term and long term, and to greater and lesser extents. For me personally it’s about how I would like to be treated, with respect and consideration.

4.         Where do you think the next big opportunity is for the development of inclusive technology?

Artificial Intelligence is all the buzz at the moment – systems that can predict and communicate your needs will deliver seamless living, and smart technologies such as self-driving cars will further enable independence for those with mobility issues. Not to be forgotten are the intelligent systems that interpret and communicate your environment, for example those with a VI can get real-time audio descriptions of their surroundings.


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